You will see this a lot.

Bonnie screen

And this. (Click on image)

Animatronics: Your best friends!!!

Bonnie is by far the most active on Night 6, so watch out!!! Watching him isn't that important, as you can hear him coming, and thus the easy ability to stop him. Him and Foxy as a team can totally screw you up. He can also jam your doors, and the lowering of the monitor will result in his jumpscare. If you have made it this far, you sholuld be able to handle him. The Eyeless Bonnie Screen appears a lot more often on this night. You need to moniter the cameras but not a whole lot, or you could run out of power. If you don't watch the cameras, then Freddy comes to your door. If you happen to see him outside your door, in the cameras, then you need to close your door, or he will jumpscare you. After a bit, Freddy will leave, but not for long. He will come back. If Freddy is outside your door in the cameras, DO NOT just stare at him in the cameras, as it will slow down him leaving. Doing that may also give a chance for Bonnie or Foxy to jumpscare you.

Bonnie want's Pizza Tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also this.

Out of Power

And of course, this.

Power: Stupid Corporal Budget Cuts!!!!!

You may have noticed, but the power goes extremely fast on night 6, so go green. Try minimizing camera watching time.